The Power of Collective Thought



Buryl Payne

A new paradigm of physics is emerging, rapidly changing the outdated ideas of the last two centuries. Physics is becoming psycho-physics. New theories are being formulated. New physical mechanisms are sought. New ways of thinking are developing in order to describe what is observed. What is cannot be transcribed in words. ‘Realty’ is not words or symbols.

The idea that the power of thought, especially the power of collective thought, affects what has been called ‘matter’ or ‘physical reality,’ is emerging into human consciousness.

Gradually developing for 200 years, it has often been ignored by many believers in “billiard ball physics” or “hard determinism”.  It is incorrect to say “thought is a force”, substituting a one word symbol ‘thought’ for another word symbol ‘force’. That is as useless as saying ‘electricity’ or ‘magnetism’ is a force. Instead, it is more appropriate to ask – ‘How does thought behave? How much matter can it influence? How does it interact with other parameters in physics? How is its influence modified by other people’s thoughts? By the Sun or Moon? By strong emotions?’ Etc. Experiments and observations are being made and gradually new notions, theories, and predictions are being formulated.

 Studied in and out of the laboratory, by informal means yet carefully detailed, repeatable experiments, have demonstrated that individual and collective thought power has obvious, clear, and powerful effects.

Such awareness has always been known to a few, ranging from witches spells, and green thumbs, to shaman’s rites, and rain chants. The power of thought has often been disregarded by people who operate using the notion that the only ‘truths’ are defined by what can be seen, or measured by instruments. If an effect can be observed and measured, it’s real; otherwise it’s not accepted as science. This useful principle has guided scientists for a few centuries, but no longer.

 To some people, the only aspect worth studying was the result of the mechanical actions of atoms and molecules. Humans were accidental freaks, of no consequence. These notions have been thought of as ‘scientific’. Human emotions such as fear, anger, or love were unimportant and considered ‘not scientific’. Yet, every thought we think and every feeling we have moves ions around in our brain and nervous system. How is this done?

Now, in 2010, what can be measured has increased with the invention of new instruments and/or with enhanced sensitivities of existing instruments. New theories have been formulated, partially based on the quantum theory, which have led to new concepts of the nature of reality. Some scientists have begun to question the rigid mechanical principles based on Newton’s laws, and a few brave pioneers have begun experimenting with thought power. Mental telepathy, pre cognition, psychokinesis, hands on healing, remote healing, all gradually have been investigated, in spite of skeptical opposition and lack of clear theories, or ways to measure different aspects of so-called ‘physical reality’. Fluid notions which include the influences of human thoughts on matter are slowly replacing hard science. How is this done?

Section II

Now there are many, (more than I can describe or list in references.) studies on past lives, out of body travel, life after death, telepathy, remote healing and viewing, the power of love, psychokinesis, and intuition. New studies are published every week.

Sure, some studies and experiments are more credible or verifiable than others. In order to create a good careful study, using the rules of experimental physics and expensive, super sensitive new instruments, time and money is required. But the whole body of these studies plus the personal experiences of many people adds up to a very significant amount of credible material.

Slowly, these findings are being accepted by intelligent men and women, switching people’s mind set from disregarding as impossible, or preposterous, to asking questions like – ‘How can that happen? Is it repeatable? And is there a physical, observable and measurable mechanism?’

Physical Mechanisms

1.  A very sensitive light device has been developed which picks up light from the human body, called biophotons, and shows information not available before.

2.  An instrument has been available for 30 years that measures micro magnetic forces from the heart and brain. It is called a SQUID (Superconducting Quantum Interference Device).

3.  At Princeton University, the random noise as shown on computer screen has been influenced by mass human emotions.

4. About thirty years ago, the author discovered a simple and inexpensive apparatus which shows the presence of a rotational force, “spin force,” around the human body and apparently around all living organisms. Its amplitude is related to the Sun’s activity.

Dr. Ron Hruby, a retired NASA electrical engineer, found that this apparatus responded to the intentions of healers ten miles away, sending healing to a subject whose rotational force was being measured. I verified his results with over 40 healers from local regions to across the country.

Although not an answer to understanding how telepathy or remote healing works, this device, called a Biofield Meter, is a significant step in that direction.

The use of these instruments is expanding the notions of classical physics. Human organisms and their remarkable abilities need to be taken into account in modern physics theories.

Section III. Mass Thought Power Experiments

About thirty years ago, the idea of collective power of thought was slowly emerging. There were religious and local healing prayer groups, but not many serious measurable results. Some global peace prayers, and celebrations at the solstices and equinoxes were held, but, again, hardly any measurable results.

In the Anastasia books by Valdimir Megre the heroine, Anastasia says: “The power of collective thought was discovered thousands of years ago. It’s old and forgotten knowledge.” She refers to it “as a discovery unparalleled over the whole course of the history of human civilizations on Earth.” The power of collective thought makes use of energy unparalleled anywhere in space. And it is capable of creating marvelous worlds on the one hand or weapons capable of destroying the planet on the other hand” (page 148, the Book of Kin.).

Humans live in a spiritual democracy, though most people don’t realize it yet.

Recent history of group meditations

A large scale experiment using group mediation was done by the Transcendental Meditation organization in the late 70’s in Washington, DC. The results showed a decrease in crime rates.

One of the early tests of combined thought power was on psychokinesis, or the ability to physically move matter by collective thought. Although experiments showed that talented individuals could influence matter at a distance, as far as I knew, no mass telekinesis experiments were attempted to see if there was a synergistic effect. The object chosen was the space station called Skylab, an 83 ton satellite orbiting the Earth with instruments and observers for studying the Sun. The people had departed the space station and Skylab was being slowed down by the atmosphere, and expected to crash into Earth with possibly disastrous effects if it were to hit a populated area.

The plan of this experiment was to invite people everywhere to join in thought at a certain time and move the space station to a higher orbit. At that time (May, 1979) a computer network did not yet exist. About 80 radio stations around the world were linked for the event and I was invited to guide the meditation. While pondering what to say, it seemed like a voice spoke to me (mentally) saying: “ask people to ask the Sun to take care of it.”

                At that time I didn’t know much about the Sun, but I dutifully followed the suggestion when I spoke on the radio, broadcast around the country. The space station crashed two weeks later than expected and fell harmlessly into the ocean.

From my NASA contact I found that the Sun’s activity had unexpectedly quieted allowing the atmosphere density to decrease, reducing the drag on the satellite.

               Another mass meditation was organized on Dec. 31 for several years in the early 80’s. To my knowledge, these mediations had no intended physical world effect that might have been measured. About the same time an organization called “Peace the 21st”, inspired by a channeled entity called Hilarion, formed to organize world peace meditations every solstice and equinox. An organization called “The Academy for Peace Research” was formed by me and friends to organize world peace meditations. Also, on the solstice and equinox dates, we joined forces with “Peace the 21st”. By the end of the third meditation, it was clear that solar activity quieted usually after twenty four hours. This was significant for I had found that cycles of international battles as discovered by Raymond Wheeler, were correlated with sunspot cycles. And a friend had pointed out that the famous American psychic, Edgar Cayce, said that mass meditations would quiet the turbulent Sun and help reduce future calamities which he had foreseen. This solar quieting effect continued to occur during all the 3½ years of the Global Meditation Project. The cold war ended about the time of the final meditation. Was this a result of the meditations? No way to tell. Now, 25 years later, global meditations are being organized on a monthly basis. And group prayers, meditations, or visualizations for healing, purifying water, reducing violence in Iraq, etc. are weekly occurrences. Planned and measurable outcomes are being observed.

People all over the world are accepting the idea that mass use of thought power works. Something many people knew long ago.

Of course, any study can be criticized for lack of adequate controls, biased experimenter attitudes, improper statistics (if any) or many other factors. Critics miss the psychological effect, the human element, and the perception of the main notion.

 Collective thought power influences what people have formerly thought was reality.

 The world is in continuous co creation by all living organisms, even the Earth and the Sun, and indeed, all the stars. The universe is not expanding; it is alive and growing.

The search now in science is for mechanisms to explain the results, not whether or not the results are ‘real’. The device to measure the spin force around a human mentioned above, a Biofield Meter, will respond to collective or individual directed thoughts. It is ‘real’, that is, tangible and objective.

Measurements are easily possible.

Two observations, one by a Russian and one by a Boulder resident suggest that the Spin or Torsion Force travels much faster than light. Some scientists have used the term “non-locality” to explain effects; which doesn’t explain anything, it’s only a verbal label.

The Future

We, all humans, cannot wait for mathematical formulas or arcane theories to be developed. The World is a mess. We need to put thought power into use now! We can’t wait for “the government”, a Guru, a political figure, or God to save the world. We need to master our own fears and take charge.

What is the highest visualization, meditation, or prayer can we make? Is it peace? Cooperation? Love? Good communication?..... Will it work? Or not?

What are the limits of collective thought power? Can it be used to stop a plague? Or a plant virus? Or control the weather? Groups of people have already used the power of thought with some success. An experiment in collective thought power has been tried for the HIV virus. The activity of the Sun has been decreased by mass thought power. Has this been done by the power of thought, or by contact with the being that uses the solar system as its body?

No one has yet determined how many people can change the spin or the orbit of one electron. Or how many electrons can one person spin flip?

Will Teilhard de Chardin’s vision manifest?  Will humans cohere into a super ordinate entity that he called the Omega Point?

Perhaps, everyone on Earth will be needed someday to combine their thought power to divert an asteroid from crashing into Earth. Perhaps to shift it into an orbit around Earth so it can be mined.

Is the world a creation of us, spirits playing in the universe?


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