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Who's Behind This

Six degrees of separation are said to be the distance between yourself and being connected to everyone on this planet. That said, the "us" that this is "about" is really the US on this little blue marble spinning through the vastness of space. This is a network, not a hierarchy. You are invited to participate in any way you choose and make the "about us" also about you.

The impetus for this project came from the dire predictions circulating in books and blogs, punditry and prophesy that all seemed to reinforce, solidify, and perhaps manifest the idea that humankind must endure a calamitous fate. Further, the spiritual solutions being offered all seem to focus on individual rescue while ignoring the fate of others and the Earth itself. We are here on this planet together, perhaps we can affect a better outcome to such prophesies TOGETHER.

The idea for 10 Billion Beats came from Carlisle, whose work sponsors this web site. The encouragement came from Brent and Geralyn who, together with Carlisle, have used drumming as a means for inner exploration for several decades. We are in central Kansas where we live and work as you do. Together, we decided to put this simple concept out to the world in the hope that you and others will share our excitement, the word will spread, and that together we can make a difference.

Six degrees of separation connects us with every being on the planet.
There are no degrees of separation between us and the Creator.
There is no order of difficulty in miracles.

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