Join thousands of others around the world for the 2nd annual global event that uses drumming to send a wave of intention of peace and goodwill around the planet. In 2009, over 200,000 people participated in this grass roots effort to uplevel the vibration of the planet.


“One Intention. One Planet.

Peace TO Earth

Goodwill ON Humankind

We invite you to stand with the world this year in a creative cadence of unity.”


Healers Universe is sponsoring a gathering to seal in this wave and to help us perpetuate the rhythm and beat within our own bodies and our daily lives.


Join us Saturday September 18th, 2010 at 6pm in The Pavillion in Cooper River Park (just off Cuthbert blvd by the Holocaust memorial flame)

Bring your drums, flash light, folding chair, or blanket, bug repellent. You may also wish to bring drinking water for yourself and your party.


This is a free event


For more information go to www.healersuniverse.com

Or to learn about the global event www.10billionbeats.com